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The Scenic New River
 The New River offers a variety of experiences, whether you are in need of a challenge or just relaxation. One of the oldest rivers in the world offers tube floats for the entire family, a canoe trip for the romantic picnic, a kayak ride on a Class III rapid, or an opportunity to catch "the big one".  Whatever the need, the New River will "rise" to the occasion and not "lower" your expectations!

Public Boat Access External Link

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries offers a database of public boat access locations at their website here.

Local Outfitters

Local outfitters are available for boat and tube rentals. They offer shuttle services and give plenty of sound advice on navigating the water.   Experience the adventure and beauty of the New River today!

New River Conservancy External Link

Along with enjoyment of the New River, comes a deep respect for its fragile steambank vegetation and watershed wildlife. If you would like to contribute to the long term health of the New River, please visit the link.